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#30 CougarClaw

November 30, 2009

Jack Puma

Enhanced Senses & hyper flight or fight reflex.

While many rumors surround Cougar; assassin, mercenary, spy, tracker, & hunter the actual facts of who Cougar is and what he does isn’t truly known to anyone. There isn’t a single report concerning Cougar that doesn’t conflict another…


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAPOLLO CITY was born July 24th 1969 the day that the Apollo 11 came back from orbit and landed here on Earth. Not wanting to allow this momentous occasion, a boon for mankind, pass us by with a simple notation in the history books, six major corporations set out designing the future from the huge success of the Apollo lunar program & it’s technology, continuing it’s momentum into something much larger.

Each began developing a different “space race” technology that would eventually become what is now known as APOLLO CITY.

The city of the future, it houses the most advanced technology known to man in communications, transportation, biology and more. Some of the worlds largest scientific breakthroughs have happened (or were initiated) right here in AC since the late 1970’s.

Unfortunately, with advanced technology comes the pension for using said technology in advanced ways. Ways never intended by their inventors. Ways that could potentially hurt each and every one of us, or worse.

One such incident being the “Power Storm”. The result of an epic battle between the cities first psionic defenderstormlogoSOL and the demonic BLACK JAW that resulted in both mans sudden death bathing the city with three distinct forms of psionic energy that permeated any living thing or item made of once living materials.

Since then the “Power Storm” ebbs and flows like the oceans tide on a fairly consistent 180 day cycle leaving hundreds effected with some form of psionic ability for weeks at a time.

See more of Apollo Cities characters by clicking here.

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  1. Crash! Landen permalink
    December 1, 2009 1:24 am

    Strong Finish Caine! Job well done!

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