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#27. Crystal, the Hostess

November 30, 2009

Crystal is a unique specimen in that she has traditionally good looks combined with the uncanny ability to kick your ass.

She teaches self-defense classes on a volunteer basis and has been very active in her community. It just happens to be one of the roughest neighborhoods in the twin cities.

And while she’s lived most of her adult life in the metro area (aside from the two years she spent in Africa while Serving in the Peace Corps) she hasn’t spent much time in Downtown proper.

She’s currently enrolled in classes at the University of Minnesota.

Crystal is a character who will appear in The Winchcombe.

The Winchcombe is a new comic strip Im producing. It’s a funny strip told in the mockumentary style of shows like The Office and Modern Family.

The Winchcombe follows the adventures of the owner and crew of an English style pub in Downtown Minneapolis that’s recently gone through a change of ownership and is struggling to restore it’s good reputation

It will begin publishing on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January, but there is an 8-page preview that serves to set the stage and tell a little of the history of The Winchcombe.

Check out an 8-page preview of The Winchcombe to learn more about the history of the joint.

Some sketches

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