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29. Roid Rage

November 29, 2009

After Mitchell Anderson lost his starting linebacker position for the South Beach High Fanatics, he was determined to get it back by any means necessary.  He emptied his college fund of all the money he’s saved over the past three summers working as a dish dog at a local old age home cafeteria, and used it to purchase a course of steroids from the local pusher.  However, the pusher, who was also moving some highly potent meta-enhancers for a foreign client, mistakenly mixed in a vile of the enhancers with the drugs given to Mitchell.

The combination of the steroids and the meta-enhancers had an effect no-one could have predicted…they transformed Mitchell into the golden goliath known as Roid Rage.  Unbelievably strong and quick for his size, but dumb as nails, Roid Rage is an out-of-control engine of destruction.

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