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26. Sinstress

November 29, 2009

By day, Sasha St. Pierre is the most desired  girl in her Miami-Dade High School.  She’s also the most feared. (You’ve seen mean girls right?  Those broads were playing paddy-cake.)   And by night, she’s one of the most notorious super villians in all of the south…the sinister Sinstress.

Her looks and powers give her limited control over men in her vicinity, who become unnaturally receptive to her suggestions.  She also feeds on the testosterone of men around her, absorbing it, making her super strong and nearly invulnerable.  As such, she always travels to heists and capers with a crew of Abercrombie model-esque henchmen, who she calls her Man-Slaves.

She aspires to put the B in the world bitch, and she pretty much does what she wants.  Sees something she likes?  She steals it.  Or has one of her boy toys steal it for her.  She is out of control and must be stopped…

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  1. Crash! Landen permalink
    November 29, 2009 8:35 pm

    Apparently, we interrupted her while she was still putting on her Sinstress outfit! 🙂

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