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#27. TV Man

November 27, 2009


An old foe of The Standard’s from the early 1980s, TV Man was the self-styled “king of television”.  Obsessed with fame and being on TV, TV Man decided to make a name for himself in the quickest, boldest way he knew how: declare himself as the new arch-nemesis of The Standard!

Hiring a documentary crew to follow him around at all times and record his historically-important life for posterity, TV Man would regularly tape challenges to The Standard, and send them into Sky City’s news stations.  He would dare The Standard to meet him at a set place and time to engage in a battle to see who was toughest, but of course The Standard would never show up, busy as he was dealing with real crimes.  As such, TV Man built up quite a win/loss record over The Standard in the ensuing months, with The Standard always losing by forfeit.  While many people (including The Standard’s own sidekick, Fabu-Lad) wanted The Standard to show up and teach the bullying blowhard a lesson, he felt that he had no reason to, as despite TV Man’s numerous claims of being the world’s most dangerous supervillain, he had not to The Standard’s knowledge ever actually committed any crimes.

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