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#26. Dr. Ferret

November 26, 2009


Dr. Francois FuRete was known throughout the world as a scientific genius, but was better known as a criminal mastermind.  He devoted years of his life to building two unique inventions.  The first was a device designed to shift his consciousness from one organic body to another.  The second was his greatest creation – a weapon of mass destruction in humanoid form, a massive, 12 foot tall, super-strong cyborg killing machine.  Using his body-swapper, FuRete planned to transfer his brilliant mind from his frail human body into this nigh-invulnerable shell, and from there achieve his dream of global conquest.

Things went disastrously wrong, however, when his superhero nemesis The Standard uncovered his secret lair at the critical stage in his experiment, just as he was about to swap bodies.  Amidst the ensuing chaos, the mind-swapper device was irreparably damaged, and FuRete’s consciousness was transferred to the wrong body: that of his pet ferret, Winky.  Given that Winky was already in a cage at the time of the swap, apprehending FuRete was easy.  The Standard was also left to deal with Winky the Ferret, who was now trapped in a human body and proceeded to soil himself.  Since then, Dr. FuRete has been locked up in a high-security prison (mockingly called “Dr. Ferret” by his jailors), but he vows to one day escape and claim revenge on The Standard for this humiliation.

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