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#25. Magnificent Bastard

November 25, 2009


Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “Magnificent Bastard?  What kind of person would give themselves a nickname like that?”  Only, it’s not a nickname.  No, Magnificent Bastard has been a bastard since birth.

Bobby and Dora Bastard (both of whom lived up to the name) decided to name their only son Magnificent, hoping to mould him right from the very start of his life into the kind of person they wanted him to be.  And aside from a rebellious phase in his teens, where he tried to be a decent human being, Bastard has more than lived up to his parents’ lofty expectations.

Bastard has made quite a living for himself in the blackmail industry.  His career mainly involves accumulating dirt on various important figures, from politicians to celebrities, and selling it on to their enemies for a hefty fee.  On other occasions, he is hired on commission specifically to dig up dirt (or invent dirt, if none can be found) on regular people who for one reason or other have crossed those in a position of power and influenced, and need to be brought under thumb.  If knowledge is power, Bastard has become very powerful over the past several years, even if it’s been at the cost of many ruined lives.

But now that power is under threat.  Someone has stolen all his blackmail files, and now all the enemies he’s been able to keep at bay with what he had over their heads are gunning for him.  If he’s to survive, he must use every dirty trick in the book to get those files back.  Whoever’s screwing with him doesn’t know what they’ve got themselves into.  They might be mean, they might be downright nasty, but there’s only one Magnificent Bastard!

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