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# 22 Richard Constable

November 22, 2009

One day as a child Richard snuck into his father’s science lab and accidentally added an extra ingredient into an ongoing experiment. The resulting explosion should have killed him, but instead it gave him incredible powers, including flight, lazer vision, strength and near invulnerability.

Richard is basically a bit of a turd, but his strong christian upbringing instilled in him a sense of duty to help his neighbors, and so he uses his powers for fighting crime. Though he will help anyone who needs it, he grudges helping women, black people, Muslims, Jews, gays, well pretty much anyone that’s not a white christian man like himself. He is in fact a homosexual, but has not yet admitted this to himself.

Richard will be one of the main antagonists (though not a villain as such) in my story featuring disabled superheroes.


super guy, yeah?

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