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#22 Hepschepset

November 22, 2009

Welcome to Mid City Super Powered Community College. We provide an academic foundation to a Super Heroic future. But that future begins in our past…

In the summer of 1932, in the hot and dusty Valley of the King’s Favorite People (just a short 30 mile jaunt from the famous Valley of the Kings) an adventurer and archeologist named Doctor Harold Pherb discovered the tomb of a little know Pharaoh’s Assistant name Hepschepset. The tomb was crammed with books, scrolls and jars of what appeared to be some sort of strange scientific experiments. It didn’t take long to realize that Hepschepset was a brilliant man before his death 2500 years earlier.  His mummy lay entombed in his brilliantly adorned coffin…when they crackd that coffin open to inspect the body…Hepschepset jumped out screaming, curses and striking out at anything he could get his stiff hands on.  It turns out he had been performing some experiments on lightning, magical potions and a rare flower found only on the banks of nile when something went wrong and there was an explosion.  The ancient Egyptians thought that Hepschepset had been killed when in fact he had been rendered immortal yet stunned.  They mummified his body and buried it along with all his scientific experiments. When he woke he was in the coffin…and had been in there since. Sitting…waiting…hoping that he would some day be rescued.

Seventy years of intense therapy later…Hepschepset comes to MCSPCC as our resident historical expert.  Each student is privileged to learn about Earth history from 4000 BC through 1000 AD.  He also is co-chair of our scientific research department…though he doesn’t teach any public classes.

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