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#20 TinCan

November 20, 2009

Welcome to Mid City Super Powered Community College. We provide an academic foundation to a Super Heroic future.  We find that a complete education includes not only basics in math/english/science, use of super power and the magical art…but also of lesser know areas of study like tensile strengths of things, cheerleading and milking non-mammals.

During a deep sea exploration mission in 1962 a strange city was found. It turns out it was a suburb of the famous lost city of Atlantis called Springfield. (I know…even under the sea they over use that as a city name). Several citizens of Springfield returned with the exploration team back to the surface to become Ambassadors Their bodies imploded on themselves once they reached the surface. The explorers returned to retrieve more citizens to act as ambassadors. They also imploded upon reaching the surface. Eventually…the explorers quit trying to bring the Springfieldians back to the surface.

Flash forward to 2007 a giant pressure suit slowly emerges from the sea carrying within it the first Mer-person to not implode at the surface.  Trel’ke-djooo-kek (or TinCan for short) must never exit the 14,300 lbs. triple layered suit on the surface…but he’s found a comfortable place among the humans teaching geology classes right here at MCSPCC.

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