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#20 Matt “The Package” Clone

November 20, 2009

Name: Matt “The Package” Clone

Affiliations: Clones, Golden Gym, Roiders R Us

Personality type: Perfectionist Body Builder

Description: All he says these days is, “Jack me up!” and “RAAAH!”

This Matt clone was not happy with his little clone body, so he went out and jacked himself up on every steroid he could find. As you can see he tends to work out his left arm just a bit more. All that rage is ready to unleash.

“Can I speak to Jim”

“Too good to say hello first?”

“Excuse me? I am not sure I…”


Yeah it doesn’t take much to set him off right now. He has been busy ripping gyms apart and devastating bathrooms around the city. The call goes out, time to bring out the big guns.

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