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#19. Nub

November 19, 2009

Nub is the yin to Jot‘s yang.  The irrepressible, eternally upbeat, worn-down eraser end of a discarded artist pencil.

Though eternally joined to Jot, Nub couldn’t be farther apart in his world view.  Rather than the crushing end to his life’s work, Nub is excited about all the future adventures he’ll have and uses he’ll be put to now that he’s no longer goning to be used to make art.

Perhaps he could be used to scratch itches?  Maybe he’ll enter himself into a pencil break competition.  Cheery and adventurous, he’s the perfect foil to the dour Jot.  He’s also the one that always gets the two of them into trouble.

Jot is Nub’s best friend in the world.  And he’s completely unaware that Jot thinks he’s an idiot, and regularly plots on ways to separate from him.

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  1. November 20, 2009 2:13 am

    Jot and nub make me laugh. I can see silly stories coming out of their relationship, but also potential for a sad message for Jot. If those two ever did separate, likely that’s a break-in-half kid of thing. Nub can move on more easily… just a simple sharpening to what’s left and there’s a replacement for Jot. Would Jot appreciate what he had once it’s gone?


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