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#19 Cobweb-SpiderMan

November 19, 2009

Welcome to Mid City Super Powered Community College. We provide an academic foundation to a Super Heroic future. Our recruiters search the world to bring in the most famous and experienced Super Powered individuals from around the state, country and Universe!

When we heard that there was a new crime fighter in town that could climb walls, life over 10 tens, jumps hundreds of feet, had enhanced senses bordering on precognitions and the ability to spin nearly indestructible webbing…we had to have him on staff.  With surprisingly little effort we were able to procure a 5 year contract with him to come in immediately as our Organic Studies professor.

Unfortunately…once on campus it turns out that he actually was bitten bay a radioactive cobweb spider. Along with his amazing super powers…his skin became translucent, he’s compelled to hide in corners and he leaves his webbing all about the school. His students find his company very uncomfortable…but we’re hoping that he begins to grow into his position.

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