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#18. Trevor

November 18, 2009


Of course, you won’t have heard of The Wisemen.  That’s the way they like it.  Officially speaking, they don’t exist.  But in truth, they are the ones who rule the world.  For centuries, this global network of representatives from big business and industry have been shaping history – handpicking (and sometimes assassinating) world leaders, orchestrating the rise and fall of political movements, and setting the stage for wars and genocides.  Their direct hand is never seen in such events, as everything is done through intermediaries of intermediaries, in a chain of manipulation and deception long and winding enough that it could never be traced back to any of them.

Trevor is part of The Wisemen.  He’s middle-management, one of the members acting as a liaison between some of the most powerful and important people within “the real world” and  the Senior Partners nearer the head of the organisation.  These Senior Partners never meet or make contact in any way with anyone outside of The Wisemen, and they themselves answer to the Managing Director, who doesn’t make direct contact with anyone even within the organisation.  One of Trevor’s jobs is liaising with the President of the United States.

Republican, Democrat, it doesn’t matter to Trevor.  Presidents come and go, but he remains, walking the corridors of power, exuding a quiet but undeniable authority in every major meeting to be held within White House walls over the past couple of decades.  Yet no one really knows anything about him.  He doesn’t seem to leave any fingerprints, machines have trouble recording his voice or appearance, and once he leaves a room most people have a strange habit of forgetting he was ever there.  He shares no piece of information about himself other than that his name is Trevor.  And Trevor isn’t even his real name.

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