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#18. Swipesy

November 18, 2009


Swipesy is a well-known producer of dance music. He is also a Haptikos with a supreme command of sound, specifically music.

He doesn’t play an instrument and he isn’t the originator of melodies, but sees himself as more of a creator of mosaics of sound, built by weaving together samples of music and other naturally occuring sounds.

In order to create his works, Swipesy collects sounds. He’s got an array of microphones and recording equipment.

He is based in Minneapolis.

He is unusual among the Haptikos because of his fame. Most Haptikos are naturally repellant to normal humans.

Not much is known about the extent of what he can do with sound.

Swipesy is a recurring character from a collection of story ideas that explore the magical and supernatural people and places around the Twin Cities.

Some sketches


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