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#18 Matt “Emo” Clone

November 18, 2009

Name: Matt “Emo” Clone

Affiliations: Clones, Poetry Club, Sad Sundays, Hot Topic Frequent Shopper Club

Personality type: Over Emotional

Description: Stop crying, no we don’t want to read your poem. Dear gods, just let me curb check you out of existence. These Emo Matts or EMATTOS as Daniel calls them, are running rampant. First it was just one, he was lonely and sad. Realizing he had cloning tech he decided who better to be his friend then someone who understands him. POP! A new Emo Matt. Problem, two of them just made them more depressed, they felt even more alone. Solution? Creating more right? Yeah that is exactly what they did.

The Team has their hands full trying to clear the streets of this annoying menace. They started dropping leaflets and paying kids to tag walls with the saying, “Remember it is down the street, not across the road.”

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