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#17 – XRave

November 17, 2009

Travis Bradmon

XRave has the ability to activate and control latent psionic energy inside of a non active psionic human. With a single instant of physical contact he can cause the psionic energy within you to build and conjure into a metaphysical construct inside of you. At his choosing, and via psionic remote, XRave can have the psionic energy inside of you transfer to another person (if that person turns out to be a non latents psion then the process simply happens again until one is made contact) via physical contact. At that point you are no longer in possession of the psionic energy conjure that is building and building as it passes from psion to psion until it reaches maximum power which is when XRave can choose what to do with it, such as explode when contact is made to its specific contact.

The benefit of this style of warfare/assassination is that there is no “trail” or “trace” by any normal scientific means which poses a huge challenge to traditional law enforcement as well as our judicial system as XRave’s process is hard to prove. Such challenges have been taken up by the Paladin Brigade in recent years.

Bradmon is a businessman and operates as one. He hires out to the highest bidder and doesn’t loose a single wink of sleep at night (largely because he’s learned to “cleanse” his psionic self in the exchange process of his work – shifting any feelings of guilt, pain, or suffering, into the conjure or one of the tag victims) at killing people. Recently he’s toyed with the idea of donning a costume in the pursuit of a bit more respect.

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