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#17 Matt “All-I-Can-Eat” Clone

November 17, 2009

“A Chinese buffet full of Matt Clones, what is a guy to do? KILL THEM ALL! None of them is “Woking” out alive.” – Martin

“Nothing wrong with a little WONTON death and destruction! – Sebastian

Matt "All-I-Can-Eat" CloneName: Matt “All-I-Can-Eat” Clone

Affiliations: Matt Clones (1st Generation), Jenny Clem’s, Weight Waddlers

Personality Type: Deal Exploiter

Description: Matt liked deals, Matt loved deals. If he felt you were screwing him over on his double coupon or price matching, he would make your life a living hell. If your buffet says all you can eat? Well shit man, better close shop.

This clone is hell bent on getting it all and on his way to the 3rd world countries there is a panic spreading. Already faced with a lack of food for the population, how can they survive a visit from “All-I-Can-Eat”? The call goes in and there is only one solution, KILL MATT before this clone clones himself further.

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