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17. Chet Rockford aka Blue Tail Fly

November 17, 2009

Chet Rockford was the BMOC.

He had it all. The looks. The game. The arm. The girls flocking to him.

Then he decided to make a conquest out of his mousy little English and Biology Tutor.

Bad move.

The picnic dinner in the science lab charmed her all right, and he actually did learn something. All well and good. The better to give her a chance to act on that crush he knew she had on him.

The thunderstorm made it perfect — she was not inclined to go home afterward.

They were making out, he had her shirt almost off — when lightning struck the chemicals. They were splashed with some odd mix of chemicals, as was one other person.

A quick check in the hospital revealed nothing abnormal beyond the nicks from broken glass.

Chet didn’t think it was anything special until the weekend he got with Brittany Chateau.

They were in bed together, and the effects of the chemicals kicked in.

Chet’s body had changed chemically such that when he was sexually aroused, he began to glow. Starting right at the nether regions. Though the longer his frustration, the more the glow would spread until he glowed from head to toe. That’s it. No super strength. No super speed. No flight. Just glowing, and so far, only under those conditions.

The gossip got around fast.

And the humiliating nickname, Blue Tail Fly, was all over campus by Monday.

So now he still has girls eager to sleep with him, if only for the oddity and novelty.

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