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#16 and #17. Charlie and Xzarquz

November 17, 2009

(Sorry about not posting a character yesterday.  I was writing something else until 3am, and just did not have the energy to then start working on a character at that time.  So today, I have two characters for the price of one so I can catch up.)

Charlie was a lonely 10 year old boy, bullied by his classmates at school.  Xzarquz was an alien killing machine sent to Earth to hunt and conquer.  Together, they formed a beautiful friendship.

When Xzarquz first arrived on this planet, much death and violence ensued, until the Army were able to end his rampage and the government stepped in to cover up any evidence of the alien invasion taking place.  Xzarquz remained in FBI custody for several years, silently awaiting the opportunity to escape.  Finally, that moment came and he capitalised on it, slaying many of his captors and slipping free of their clutches.  But in the process, he was severely wounded and, after travelling as far as he could, had to settle somewhere warm and dry for shelter.

That somewhere happened to be the shed in Charlie’s backyard.  Charlie had always believed in aliens, and always wanted one for a friend.  And now here one was, near death and helpless.  Charlie knew he couldn’t tell anyone, not even his mom.  It had to be his secret.  So Charlie looked after Xzarquz.  He nursed him back to health.  He fed him.  He spent all his spare time with him, just talking to him about nonsense.  Xzarquz had experienced plenty of fear and hate on this world, but from this little boy he found an emotion he knew very little about: love, given freely and without condition.

So after years of silence Xzarquz finally revealed that he had learned the English language.  He spoke to the boy, and thanked him.  He told Charlie that he owed him his life, and now they would always be friends.  And if there was anything, anything at all that Charlie wanted in return, he should simply name it.  For Charlie, the answer was simple.  It was something he had been dreaming about for almost as long as having an alien friend.  The bullies, the ones who had hurt and tormented him for years.  Charlie wanted them dead.  Every last one of them…

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  1. Crash! Landen permalink
    November 18, 2009 7:21 pm

    I hope when I finally get to post my Zuda submission (on Zuda or my own site if I get rejected) that you’ll look at my entry and keep this drawing in mind. On my ‘screen 4’ there are 2 characters that resemble what you’ve drawn above… I mean EERILY similar… To me, anyway. Hopefully you’ll view it.
    About your story (a slight comment/criticism): Charlie doesn’t seem like a nice kid. It’s easier to get behind a story like this, if the kid is attacked and the alien comes to his rescue (and maybe overdoes it). When he’s premeditating the murders of those who harassed him growing up, it’s MUCH harder to empathize with him. Self defense versus premeditated murder. Just my opinion….

  2. johnlees permalink
    November 19, 2009 2:57 am

    Yeah, I wasn’t intending for Charlie to be sympathetic. In fact, I view him as distinctly unpleasant. I wanted that bit at the end to be something of a shocking shift from expectations of the characters and story. But yeah, it might be a bit much. It’d always be easier and tone it down a bit the way you suggest were I to go ahead with doing the story.

    Thanks for the comments!

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