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#15 Crazy Cockatoo Girl

November 16, 2009

Crazy Cockatoo GirlName: Unknown

Alias: Crazy Cockatoo Girl, Birdgirl, OMG SHE IS INSANE WTF OVER!?!

Affiliation: Green Peez, PITA, Rich Kids for a Nature Filled Tomorrow

Description: She just wanted a little Cockatoo to call her own. She had been saving up money from lemonade stands and friendship bracelet sales to buy it. The day she walked out of the pet store with her new friend in tow was a proud day. The sun was shining as she crossed the street, her bird friend riding in the wagon behind her as she walked. Then the explosion came, the person behind her on the cross walk was gone. Just a crater, but so was her bird. All she had left was a handle of the wagon, and a soot covered face.

Something in the small girl snapped, she looked to a roof and saw a man in a black t-shirt with a cow skull. He yelled down below, “No Jaywalking in my city!”

Her eye twitched with rage, insanity twisted her little brain about in her head. The petshop owner offered her another pet to compensate for the loss. It was a ferret, she named it Cock-a-Too, and tied a feather on its head. Still she will not forgive that man, she must track him down, she must KILL MATT!

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