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#14 Matt “Graveyard” Clone

November 16, 2009

Matt "GraveYard" CloneName: Matt “Graveyard” Clone

Affiliation: Matt Clones (1st Generation)

Personality Tag: Vigilante

Description: “Graveyard” is a comic book character the Real Matt idolized in many ways. In Graveyard’s world everything is black and white. You cross the line, you pay the price. Justice is handed out with shell casings and sledge hammers. There is no jail in Graveyard’s world, no grey area. Right or wrong is where it is at folks.

Well Clone Matt, A.k.a. Graveyard doesn’t stop at extreme cases of violence, drugs, and child abduction. No he brings the whole show down on even Jaywalkers, loitering, and Litterers. No one escapes his vigil over the city. Slowly Matt’s body count is rising and the call goes out, to the team. Someone has to, KILL MATT!


(Sorry for the lag guys, got swallowed up this weekend. But it spit me back out, ready to go.)

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