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15. Micajah Volnerius St. John-Smythe

November 15, 2009

Darwin’s master.

Well, after a fashion.

Micajah (or Cage to his friends) has, as you see, a little bit of a dental problem — so making more vamps is no easy trick for him. Hence why he made his best friend Nicky one immediately.


Where Nicky adapted beautifully to the turn of time, Cage didn’t cope so well. Orthodontia won’t fix those bad teeth once vampirism has permanently fixated every tooth in the spot it was in at the point of changeover. Thus dismayed, Micajah became a recluse, and with Nicky’s help amassed a vast fortune from the dowries of brides who took ill and died not long after marriage (or who were themselves turned and became Cage’s slaves via Nicky).

Cage didn’t handle technology well. So while his house is wired state of the art, Nicky keeps Cage’s rooms designed in the Victorian style that makes his friend and master most comfortable. When Micajah heard of the Y2K bug on the “wireless”, he panicked, and that is how Darwin got picked to join the coterie.

I’m very proud of Micajah — he came out pretty much as I planned, which is to say not at all sexy.

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  1. November 17, 2009 1:41 pm

    this guy totally looks like one of the Kids In The Hall!


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