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#14. The Frying Scotsman

November 14, 2009

FryingScotsman 002


(Yes, another Scottish-themed superhero character.  To be fair, though, I actually came up with The Frying Scotsman a good while before I devised my Day 11 character, Captain Clyde, and I hope he’s different enough to avoid people think I’m just being repetitive.)

When The Standard, Sky City’s beloved superhero, retired some 20 years ago, his longtime sidekick Fabu-Lad replaced him, taking over the Standard mantle.  In time, the new Standard publicly unmasked, revealing his true name to be Alex Thomas.  Since then, The Standard has gone from superhero to super-celebrity, launching a series of sponsorship deals and starring in his own hit reality TV show.  With the increase in media appearances and advertising presence making Alex Thomas more and more of a public figure, he found himself in need of an agent to manage his daily affairs.  And he got himself the best money can buy – tenacious Scotsman Bill Finney.  For over 10 years now, Finney has guided Alex Thomas through his celebrity lifestyle, becoming one of his best friends and closest confidantes in the process.

Finney has been known to think outside of the box, always looking for new ways to maintain The Standard brand.  As such, he picked up on the public’s demand to see The Standard fighting supervillains again.  That hasn’t happened for some time, as The Standard has been so successful that most of them are retired or in jail.  So, Finney comes up with an idea: create one.  With technology provided by Zarthos Industries, Bill Finney has embarked on the ultimate publicity stunt: he has become The Standard’s new nemesis, The Frying Scotsman!  He is Sky City’s newest masked menace, armed with his signature weapon – a ray gun that deep fat fries anything it hits.  And he will be there to attack The Standard wherever there are lots of cameras to record their carefully choreographed fight.

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