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#14. The Crepe Crusader

November 14, 2009

Louis DuSoliel the 3rd was not your average son-of-a-duke.  When Louis was young, he would wander around his father’s château dressed as a monk, reciting psalms in an extremely high voice – and horribly off key.  When, the short statured Louis was 17- years old, his father, Duke Lecirc DuSoliel, had Louis enrolled in the university, thinking it would change Louis’ still-strange behavior.

It was at the university that Louis discovered a love for cuisine, specifically crepes – as they were prepared for him and his schoolmates every morning.   Louis’ fascination with crepes became a quick obsession, after having forced his way into the university galley demanding to be shown how they are constructed.  Louis would spend hours thinking about crepes, creating crepes, and eventually performing gravitational experiments on crepes.

While Newton was dropping apples, Louis was flinging crepes.

Crepe Crusader

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