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#14 Diana Weslyn

November 14, 2009

Welcome to Mid City Super Powered Community College. We provide an academic foundation to a Super Heroic future.  Even the afterlife is no reason to not attend classes.

Tuesday and Thursday mornings in room 124 from 9 – 11:15 am you will find the “Economics of a Regional Headquarter: 210” class.  That class has been taught in the room, on those days and time since the mid 80’s.

Diana Weslyn taught at MCSPCC for 3 semesters in the early 90’s until one Thursday morning in November…she missed a class. She had been killed on her way into the school by an errant bio-electric lightning storm caused by a super villain attempting to get away with hundreds of dollars in an armored car.  The following Tuesday morning…the whole class showed up at their regularly scheduled time to pay respects to their fallen instructor…and at 1 minute after 9 Mrs. Weslyn walked, or rather floated into class.  Her ghost had returned to teach the class picking right up where she had left off.

Apparently unaware of her death, Diana appears at 1 minute after 9 in room 124 on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings to teach the class.  Everything is great unless she is prompted to touch or given something real. When she tries to touch or interact with it her hands pass right through…which sends her into a violent, confused rage…and ends up in a crazy haunting of the entire school for days.

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