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#13 – Dusk

November 13, 2009


Johnathan Fogg.

Dusk can turn to a gaseous form.

Dusk doesn’t so much have a psionic ability as he exists completely in a psionic form. Pure energy, the silver age defender of the city has come back from the dead in gaseous/ghostly form to haunt his airs and take them over if needs be so that he can continue his one man war on the cities crime.

I wanted to do a more “Silver Age” hero and give Apollo City more longevity…

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  1. Crash! Landen permalink
    November 15, 2009 1:33 am

    Very ‘graphic’ look to this… very stylized. One completely disposable suggestion with the name, though: I think you should have named him Fogg like his last name. Or maybe called him Johnathan Dusk, but I guess if he has a secret identity, he’ll need the name change. And of course I don’t know where you’re going with it, so I’ll just shut up, now….

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