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#12 Amadeus

November 12, 2009

Name: Chrysostomus LeesAmadeus

Codename: Amadeus

Affliction: Deaf (STONE DEAF)

Powers: Quick wit, deft agility, augmented reality preceptions

Description: Another genetic experiment gone awry. He joined his teammates to help solve the mysteries of the Van Allen Complex. People still going missing. Others just breaking free of their almost catatonic state. No one realizes they were all abductees or that life was different before here. No one that is except for his team. They need evidence though, proof that there is something else besides life in the V.A.C. Those that live inside fear that the outside world is gone and left to wastes and unspeakable horrors. Amadeus will not rest till the truth is discovered. He has a fondness for heavy bass music and a wit that could cut a man in two. His augmented reality perception device helps him keep the team on track and discover the hidden wonders of the VAC.

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