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#11. Captain Clyde

November 11, 2009



That’s right, folks!  Scotland now has its very own superhero!

Ally McKay was born to a poor family in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, the second of three sons for George and Mary McKay.  His older brother Douglas, who looked after him when he was young, grew up to be a petty thief and a heroin addict.  His younger brother Billy, who always idolised him, joined the Army and went to fight in Afghanistan when he was old enough.  And Ally?  His parents always knew he would go far, that he was special.  But even they didn’t realise how special.

Ally was always a bright boy, who worked hard in class despite being in an ill-equipped state school.  He excelled in science, and with his parent’s support, managed to get a scholarship for Oxford.  He thanked them by leaving Glasgow and never looking back.  Ally flourished in the academic environment of the university, proving to be something of a wunderkind in the fields of biology and nanotechnology.  Upon graduating with honours, he took his research to a whole new level, travelling the world to learn more about various disciplines and practises, and making scientific breakthroughs.  By his mid twenties, he was regarded as one of the smartest men on the planet.  And as he combined the patents claimed for his inventions with savvy business investments, he soon found himself very wealthy too.  He tried to send money back home, but it was always refused.  His parents’ response was always the same: they wanted him, not his money.  But Ally (or Alastair, as he now preferred to be called) would not return to Glasgow.  He associated it with a hard childhood, and had fought too long and too hard to get out to ever want to return.

It took his brother’s death to bring him back.  Home on leave from Afghanistan, Billy McKay was killed in a random, motiveless knife attack while out with his friends.  Alastair McKay came back for the funeral, and ended up staying.  His Glasgow upbringing had defined who he was; this city was a part of him, and it was wrong of him to turn his back on it, and the family and friends who lived there.  But his brother’s death was an example of how far the city had fallen.  Scotland used to be a country of industry and invention, Glasgow used to be a city of the future.  But now it was a black hole that had swallowed both his brothers.  Something had to change.  Alistair McKay had to find a way to make Glasgow better.  And what better way was there to help the city than to give it its very own superhero?

Using revolutionary technology, Alistair has laced his body with experimental nano-particles that have boosted his molecular composition and metabolic synthesis, enabling his body to operate at superhuman speeds.  He can now run at the speed of sound.  With these powers in place, he has crafted himself a costume that is both practical and colourful, and given himself the superhero moniker of Captain Clyde, named after Glasgow’s famous river.  As Captain Clyde, he hopes to battle the city’s criminals and delinquents and inspire hope among its law-abiding residents.

Alistair McKay abandoned Glasgow once – he won’t abandon it again.  And he’s decided to go by the name Ally again.

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