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#10. The Shrill Servant

November 11, 2009

Art Geek Zoo is a world of music fantasy adventure. No fantasy adventure’s mythology would be complete without monsters. With this in mind, I present my first take at The Shrill Servant. While I did not use visual reference I think I had subliminal influence going on. I feel it came out looking too close to an anime monster from Robotech’s Invid Invasion series. As such, I’ll mutate the concept further in a future second draft.

The Shrill until recently have had a trade arrangement with the mystical instruments. Through this arrangement, the Shrill provide important materials to the instrument tribes as payment to employ a select few instruments in the Shrill’s home world. Servants are the most commonly seen of the Shrill, though sightings outside of mystical instrument communities are rare.

Shrill Servants speak entirely through music using different tones for different ranks and jobs. When dealing with other species they are effective at mimicking native languages but sound fairly kazoo-like.

When following orders the Shrill Servants are single minded and near unstoppable. Once, an instrument tried to stop a Shrill Servant from following orders. This was the former and no longer of this world Chieftain of the Mystical Guitar Tribe. That event led to a breakdown in the relationship between the Shrill and all mystical instruments.


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  1. tmcelmurry permalink
    November 12, 2009 9:30 am

    Another great addition to AGZ. I really like the colors in this one. The story of the characters with back story help to bring them to life, good job Rob.

    • November 14, 2009 2:14 am

      Thank you! The fun continues… fun to put time into these characters… fun to explore coloring techniques and alternate palettes too! I will definitely be putting backstory posts of this sort for the main cast of AGZ.


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