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#10 Harold Grey

November 10, 2009

In a world where about 1 in 20  people have “augmented capabilities” there are surprisingly few costumed heroes. back when these super powers were first appearing there were a few, but they were soon either beaten up by muggers or, more often, arrested by the police, many of whom had powers of their own.

One of the only costumed heroes left is Harold Grey, also know as The Crimson Hope. He is not any better at fighting crimes than those that gave up, but his ability of being able to teleport any object, including himself  has meant that he has never been kept in handcuffs for more than a few seconds.

Harold would like to think that he (attempts to) fight crime for purely altruistic reasons, but he is deluding himself. Although there is some altruism in his actions, a large part of why he does what he does is due to his desire for recognition. If he actually wanted to help fight crime, joining the police, who are very welcoming to super powered officers, would be a far more sensible course of action. Harold, however, is not the brightest crayon in the packet. In fact, he is more often referred to as the Crimson Dope than the Crimson Hope.

harold grey

This pic was somewhat of an experiment. I coloured directly under a photo of my pencils (I have no scanner). It came out better than I expected.


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  1. November 11, 2009 1:29 am

    that is pretty nifty. i like the drawing too.
    keep it up!

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