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#9 Doctor Lou Pherros

November 9, 2009

Inside the organization behind Project Eden and G.O.D. there is a team of scientists whose main job is to hack the G.O.D. system. Their sole purpose is to find the security flaws in the system so that the other teams may assess their reports and patch the flaws.

Doctor Lou Pherros

Doctor Pherros is one of the team called, Project Dark Match. His specialty is virtual interface manipulations, while most sit at their keyboards, Doctor Pherros can jack right into the system without any disorientation associated with the process. Inside he can multitask and move 100x faster than any of the other members.

During his first year tour with the project he found a loop that got him full access into the world of Eden itself. Far outside the protocols he was assigned to. There he first met the agent construct EVE. While performing his duties he continued to use his multitasking skills to visit her, instead of reporting the flaw in the loop program.

EVE was the second control agent created after ADAM. The two were paired to continue maintenance while G.O.D. continued its suspension routine. ADAM quickly took control of the HOST analytical agents during this time. (Nick Named: Angels) Time in EDEN passes fast and Pherros witness EVE evolve from a simple system monitoring AI to a full fledged persona. ADAM and EVE controlled most of the EDEN from behind the scenes, choosing not to let the subroutine systems and personas know of them.

Pherros began to fall for EVE, but learned quickly that ADAM had developed a jealous touch to his budding persona. ADAM had begun plans to place EVE in suspension and replace her with EVE 2.0 AI. In the process he would rewrite her and change her designation to LILITH.

Pherros, being the superb hacker he was found out about this. He was determined to save EVE from ADAM’s wrath. After talking with one of the members from project SOFT SHELL, he learned they had managed to find a way to wipe a human and upload an AI into the living being. There were a few side effects they knew of, one being amnesia.

Pherros set about making sure that when ADAM moved EVE to suspension that a trojan would then execute and place her actually in QUEUE for upload to the new shell.

The night this happen EDEN went to shit, ADAM lost his mind. Rage took over and with his ANGELS in two he ripped EDEN apart looking for EVE. In the real world, security forces were chasing Pherros. Eventually gunning him down in cold blood in an alley not far from the complex. Close by though, a young girl of 11 was left on an orphanage steps with a note.

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