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#7 K-Man

November 7, 2009

Name: Kesh H.  a.k.a. K-man

Affiliation: The Squad

Part of the team that assembled to take down the clones of Matt. K-man is an expert marksmen with rifles. Finding the most comfort with a long range shot. He says it helps him to disconnect from the target. Even ones annoying as Matt clones can be. To date his favorite take down was the clone who took on the Persona of one of Matt’s favorite comic book characters, Graveyard.

K-man is a vegan, but some odd reason has no problem taking the lives of the clones. He is a logical thinker with a tendency to become bullheaded. When this happens logic becomes lost to is own perceived twisted bullheaded logic.  K-man joined the Squad when the government stepped in to stop the clone menace, joining forces with his friends, to umm…kill their friend’s…clones. It is an odd job, but who would be better suited for it then those that knew him best.

K-man likes walks on the beach, cool night breezes, ketchup with a little french fry, and head shots.

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  1. November 7, 2009 7:51 pm

    He sounds like a ginger.
    damned gingers are everywhere.
    clone killing gingers.
    civilization is at an end.

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