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#7 — Chet Boczenowski

November 7, 2009

BoczenowskiChet has been competing in the ICBL since 2001.  His best performance was runner up in the 2006 championships held in Branson, Missouri at the Pierce Arrow Theatre.  In 2007, he injected, synthol, a muscle inflammatory, just hours before competing.  His major rival and 2004-2008 ICBL champion, Steffi Peters, called him out on Boz’ use of this illegal substance. This eliminated him from the finals of the competition as well as a 2008 ban from ICBL competition.

Since reinstatement in 2009, Boz has been heavily committed to winning the 2009 championships.  During his twelve-month ban from competing in ICBL events he became “best bros” with Jesus Christ.  Despite sincere attempts to spread the Christ’s message, much like those of the cloth, he sometimes bastardizes the message.  Boz recently was overheard at an after service coffee hour saying “the body is the Lord’s temple, and the calves are the doormat…wipe your feet on the way in.”

His day job is as a remedial math teacher at Bristol High School in Bristol CT.  He also is the coach of the Lancer football team.  Much like New England Patriot’s football coach’s popularization of the hoodie with cut sleeves, Coach Boz is known for “Capri-ing” his sweat pants for his practices.  His football team spends 40% of their conditioning on their calves.

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