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#6 — Clint Paul

November 6, 2009

#6 -- Clint Paul

Mr. Paul is the son of the founder of the International Calve Building League, Tate Paul. He lives in Pelham, NH and has inherited his father’s vending machine distribution company. His company distributes the snacks, not the machines themselves. Like the products he distributes, his personality is best described as dry and salty.

In college at Salve Regina, Clint discovered Timothy Ferriss’ 4 Hour Workweek. Clint wanted to avoid the hard work lifestyle his father endured when he started “Paul Vending.” He also wanted to maintain his golfing lifestyle. Clint indoctrinated himself on Ferriss’ gospel and even shadowed him as part of his research for his senior thesis: “40 Hours is Arbitrary.” 4 Hour Workweek was his only reference. His advisor’s comments were limited to “Clint – I enjoyed reading your 48 page book report. C-”

His father does the majority of the promotion of the ICBL. Clint is the spoiled figurehead of his hard working father. There is little hope it the ICBL surviving any other way. Clint’s golf handicap is 4. He hopes to one day join the PGA Tour. He does not have the mental game to do this. He’s an idiot.

In the early years of the ICBL, the early 1990s, Utz chips and Necco were the sponsors of the ICBL. With the increasing popularity of the ICBL since 2004, Mr. Paul has been able to attract more “program relevant advertisers” such as Teva, Long John Surf Shorts, and Under Armour.

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