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#6. Lou Garoux

November 6, 2009

LouGaroux 004


Lou Garoux is not his real name.  That has been lost in the sands of time.  He has gone through many aliases, and Lou Garoux is just the one he has adopted for the time being.  He is the world’s most prolific, successful serial killer.  After all, he’s been killing for centuries now.

Knowledge of his origins is limited.  It is not even known for sure where he originally came from.  Some suggest Eastern Europe, others France, a few believe he’s Scandinavian, and most of that is second-hand conjecture anyway, given how few people have met him and are alive today to talk about it.  His voice gives away no clues, with an accent flattened into the neutral tone of someone who has travelled all over the world with nowhere he calls home.  Reports of how he came to be are similarly inconsistent, though the most prevalent story begins some time in the 13th Century.

According to this narrative, the man that would go on to be known as Lou Garoux was even before his change a notorious murderer and brute.  Unrepentant, but fearing God’s judgement for his crimes, the man sought a means to evade death, and enjoy everlasting life.  His search led him to a nameless drifter who, through a series of dark rituals, imbued the man with the totem of the wolf, rendering him effectively immortal and turning him into what has been known in folklore and literature as a lycanthrope, or later, a werewolf.

In truth, much of the stories about the werewolf are just that: stories.  Garoux has no vulnerability to silver, though wolfsbane is highly toxic to him.  His bite cannot turn others into a werewolf, even if he were to leave any of his victims alive.  He does not depend on the full moon for transformation: he possesses superhuman strength, speed and durability, and highly enhanced senses, at all times.  In fact, the moon has no effect on his physical appearance, and the only time he changes into his wolf form is at the moment of feeding.  And though history and habit has led to it being called a “wolf form”, what he in fact turns into is far more monstrous and terrifying than any wolf that has ever walked this earth.

This is not to say the full moon has no hold over Garoux.  As part of the transformative rituals the drifter took him through, his soul was bound to the cycles of the moon, and when it is full, his bloodlust and sexual appetite (they are just about one and the same for him) are at their peak.  And so he has lived through the centuries, willingly led by his urges, killing and feeding according to the schedule of the moon’s cycle.

Currently, he resides in New Orleans, long one of his favourite American cities.  Investigations by local police into the recent upsurge in missing persons cases have thus far proved fruitless.

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