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#5. Chrissy Woods

November 5, 2009

ChrissyWoods 001


Chrissy Woods was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and has lived there all her life.  Now 75 years old, she’s long retired from her job working for Strathclyde Police, and her husband of over 50 years died a little over a year ago.  She has friends, but hates most of them and trusts none of them.  Her relationship with her children is strained, but what she has with them and her grandchildren are the only meaningful connections she has left.  Like many old people in the UK and across the world, she lived a somewhat lonely life.  But things were about to get much worse.

It all started one day when visiting her late husband’s headstone, when Chrissy was attacked by a savage madman.  She escaped from him, but not before she heard his aimless rantings and ravings.  It was mostly gibberish, but one word kept on coming up again and again – omega.  She reported the incident to the police, but they assured her it was probably just some young druggie, and that they would handle it.  But then more strange things began happening.  Her friends and then her family started acting strangely.  They smiled, and said hello, and at a glance they seemed unchanged.  But something was wrong, something was… different.  As if something was impersonating them very convincingly, but not quite perfectly.  Chrissy wondered if it was just her, if she was finally losing her marbles.

But then she saw it, the revelation that put two and two together: omega.  She saw the logo on the television here, or the word in a newspaper article there.  The Omega Group.  With more research, Chrissy discovered that The Omega Group was an organisation that, through its various subsidiaries, was behind the broadcast of various television programmes, the production of a number of medications and foods, and the running of the Omega Clubs that have sprung open seemingly out of nowhere in every major city in the UK.  Clubs that everyone seems compelled to go to.  Taking all this into account, Chrissy came to the conclusion that someone – or something – was slowly taking over the human race, replacing it.  The invasion has begun, and it’s happening right under the world’s nose!

Chrissy tried going to the authorities, tried telling anybody with the power to do anything that would listen.  But they didn’t believe her.  Maybe they thought she was a senile old woman imagining things.  Or maybe it’s already too late, and the people in power have become changed too.  Whatever the reason, suddenly she finds herself being deemed a hazard to herself and others, with men in white coats showing up to lock her up in a care home, or somewhere worse.  Faced with no option, Chrissy has gone on the run.  They’ll have a hard time catching this Glasgow granny – she might be old, but she’s resourceful, and tough as old boots.  She used to be a detective.  She’ll solve this mystery on her own, if she has to!  Whoever this Omega Group might be, they’ve underestimated Chrissy Woods.

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  1. Crash! Landen permalink
    November 6, 2009 11:30 pm

    I have a fondness for older characters. They make great protagonists when they’re done right.

  2. johnlees permalink
    November 7, 2009 7:50 pm

    Yeah, I think there’s a real appeal about older characters too. This is a character that’s been in my head quite a while, and was going to go up earlier in the week, but after some others beating me to the punch with oldies of their own, I decided to hold back a bit.

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