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#5. Bianca Jones

November 5, 2009

Characters-BiancaBianca Jones is a receptionist at Boudreaux and Touche, a high end plastic surgery clinic.  She’s secretly sleeping with both principal surgeons.   At least she thinks it’s a secret.  Unbeknowst to her, both doctors are fully aware, and don’t have a problem with it…as long as their wives don’t find out.  And unbeknownst to the doctors, both their wives already know they are unfaithful.  And by the way, Mrs. Boudreaux and Mrs. Touche…yeah, they are lovers, and plotting to kill their husbands and retire in luxury with their huge life insurance policies.

(You got me.  I’m a Nip/Tuck fan.)

Though she doesn’t like to admit it, Bianca’s been planning her wedding since the age of three.  It’s pretty much all settled.  There’s only one thing that has her worried.  No, it’s not the groom.  Even though she’s technically not dating anyone special, she knows he’ll come around sooner or later. It’s the bridesmaids.

Bianca can’t seem to hang on to female friends very long.  She knows she’ll have five of them, but that roster keeps shuffling as friends come in and out of her life.  Her female relationships usually end under one of two circumstances:

A.  They sleep with her boyfriend.

B. She sleeps with their boyfriends.

Currently in Maid-of-Honor position is Natasha Levine, her best friend.  They get along great, no drama whatsoever.

Of course, both of them are currently single…

Note: Bianca is another character soon to be featured in the pages of  Over, my rom-com graphic novel.

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