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#4 Scarlett Carinae

November 5, 2009


Smart, Cunning, Strategic, and Knowledgable… That sort of sums up Scarlett. Here is an excert from my novel… Two of them to give you a vague idea of who Scarlett is.

“How her personality, her traits, her life managed to survive the upbringing still eludes me… even up to this very day… How strong she was. Taking into account all the perks within her personality, she would always put her goal before anything, making her a rather somewhat cold individual… In contrast, when she wasn’t working towards something, she was like Mother Teresa… you’d be hard pressed not to like her to be honest.”


“Scarlett on the other hand I didn’t know much about. At the time, I just assumed she went on to pursue a meaningful career, to serve her planet strong; being an intelligible individual, I always pictured her going about as a geologist, but that was probably just scratching the surface of her aspiring intelligence.”

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