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#4. Percy, Administrative Assistant to the Mayor of Eagan, MN

November 4, 2009


Percy is a 22 year-old admin assistant working for Jonathon J. Fitch, mayor of Eagan, MN. He earned an AAS degree from Normandale community college and quickly landed a role in the Fitch election campaign as a top fund earner in the phone banks, mostly because he was pushy.

His success translated into a position as the mayor’s admin assistant. Percy was very excited about the opportunity. However, he quickly became disenfranchised. Principally because his duties consisted of making runs to the Q-Burger for breakfast, lunch, and often dinner, and then long stretches of doing nothing more important that clipping burger joint coupons and running spellchecker on Fitch’s correspondence and blog postings.

Fortunately for Percy (although he may argue differently when the time comes), he won’t be in the job much longer…

(And if you’re interested, Mayor Fitch first appears (albeit merely as a newspaper photo)in this episode of Q-Burger.)

Some sketches


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  1. November 4, 2009 10:13 pm

    Dang… this guy has an awesome fearful weasel look about him.

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