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#4 Master Nicholia

November 4, 2009

Master Nicholia

Name: Master Nicholia (Last name unknown)

Affiliation: Council’s Secret Justice

Master Nicholia heads up the secret police force for the council of the kingdom. In a capital like Emperator, this tower city has breed some unsavory types. It is Nicholia’s job to direct the CSJ in finding the threats to the security of the kingdom. His entire team is comprised of women in varying skill sets. Over the years he has found that women are easily underestimated and generally have the upper hand in battle because of it.

Nicholia was once a general of the kingdom military but was transfered after fragments of an explosion almost blinded him. This explosion was from a terrorist type attack inside the city’s own walls. He became a driven man after that, vowing to seek out those who would threaten the safety of the great kingdom.

Master Nicholia wears a clockwork spyglass over his right eye to help him see. Due to the advancements in clockworks he can see even better than normal. He carries an arsenal of clockwork style contraptions, from wrist launchers to fanning shield augments, he has become a whispered legend. The man who knows all, the untouchable. The criminal element smart enough know to fear him, even his name will send shivers down their spine.

(He is a bit of a tribute character, but with his own agenda in my world.)

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  1. November 4, 2009 6:34 pm

    I like the sketch and how much background you give to your characters. I admire you for sketching too.

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