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#3. Professor Copp

November 3, 2009

Professor Kopp

Professor Rob Copp is Chris Christophers advisor on the calve building documentary.  He’s a father of twin teenage girls who happen to think he’s a big (film) geek.  His wife wishes he had made more money in a more “respectable field” than teaching film history to graduate students.  Or at least she wishes he could have advanced his own career to a top film school like NYU or USC.   While she’s never told him this directly, her body language says it when she describes to others what Rob does.  It’s no wonder Kopp starts every day with a shot of Bailey’s in his coffee (his wife is off to her “7-7” before he wakes up) and he has been known to hit up the two-martini lunch or dinner.

Instead, he teaches at the local Boston film school and interacts with the likes of quasi wannabe filmmakers such as Chris Christophers.  Kopp’s inner need is to get recognition beyond his sheltered school world.  Most importantly he wants it badly from his wife, children, and the film industry experts.  Instead of having the confidence to produce something of value – he is a master of theory, but terrible at execution, he volunteers his extra time to serve as an advisory role to aspiring film students.  Will he ride Christophers coattails and finally get some recognition?  If he doesn’t, can he still live with himself and his annoying wife and bratty daughters?  As crazy as Christophers documentary subject seems, Copp has heard and seen productions far worse.

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  1. November 3, 2009 12:33 pm

    It’s interesting, but seems so real. I think I have met people like this. Creepy.

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