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#3. Maximillion Flacco

November 3, 2009

MaximillianFlaccoAt 11 years young, Maximillion Flacco is the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.  He’s also the youngest owner of a CLA team, the Cyber Knights.

A software and cybernetics wunderkind, Maximillion created his first operating system at age 4 (which was later pirated by Microsoft, and became Microsoft Windows Works, they’re best selling OPS to date.)  At 5, he designed a fighting robot companion, which quickly put an end to the bullying problem he was having at the local playground.  And at 6 he developed a “smart” software application that could learn ones social networking habits, and then mimic them, allowing him to automate all his bloggtwitterfacebookmyspacediggredditing, freeing up a ton of time to actually get work done.  This application went on to sell millions.

With a passion for robotics, genetics, and advanced cybernetics, young Max worked on several large US military projects and was paid handsomely.  At 8 years old, now the richest boy in the world, Max bought his way into the CLA, and the Cyber Knights became one of four new teams to join the league during their latest round of expansion.

The Cyber Knights are a unique team in the league, in that the entire team is composed of super humans Max has personally modified with cybernetic parts.  At 11, Max doesn’t play with toys-  He plays with super humans, enhancing powersets, automating responses, and even grafting on body parts of fallen gladiators onto new ones.  It’s all one big experiment for Max, and it’s very fun.

What isn’t fun, however, is losing.  His Cyber Knights have never finished higher than 4th in the leagues standings, despite Max’s intellect and the team’s seemingly superior technological advantage. And losing drives Maximillion Flacco mad…

Well, madder.

CyberKnightsLogo copy

Cyber Knights Logo

Note: For all you webcomic-ers out there, I’ll come clean.  Max Flacco was inspired by and is a little homage to Dave Kellett’s Sheldon.  Only he’s a very twisted, evil, and demented Sheldon.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. martinbrandt2 permalink
    November 3, 2009 9:44 am

    Great logo

  2. November 3, 2009 12:35 pm

    I dig his hair.
    The logo is really good.
    The story is interesting.

  3. November 3, 2009 1:05 pm

    I dig the concept! The homage to Sheldon is excellent as well – The ANTISHELDON! :0

  4. Javen Ackerman permalink
    November 3, 2009 8:11 pm

    What is he doing to that poor man??

    Nice work.


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