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#1 — Chris Christophers

November 2, 2009

Chris Christophers

#1 – Chris Christophers

Mr. Christophers is a 28 year-old graduate film student looking to create the next great documentary. After multiple rejections for some catchy, but non-commercial documentary topics — see the failure to launch list below — Chris is approached by a wealthy film financier with funding and an idea. This financier’s name is Burt Pepper (see character # 2)

While Chris doesn’t necessarily agree with the financier’s topic, it does provide a needed source of funding to kick-start his film career. His prior career was as an adult film star and he is very embarrassed by this. No one in his immediate family knows about this dark embarrassing past, but with the advent of free porn sites, he is becoming more and more recognized. Christophers has disproportionately large calve muscles. To the point where viewers would be distracted by them during his love making scenes.

To this end, Chris has grown a beard as well as let his hair to just above his shoulders both to avoid the likelihood of being recognized as well as to be a dead ringer for Peter Jackson (Lord of Ring’s Peter Jackson) and increase his credibility from an appearance stand point. He has not worn shorts for 3 years and has to wear boot cut jeans because of his physical freakishness.

His inner need is to break free from his “artistic past” and feel better about himself and his future contributions to the world. Outwardly, he wants to present a high production value documentary, or as he calls them “global statements,” to his audiences.

Project’s that Christophers couldn’t get funding for:
• Big Tobacco’s response to the Surgeon General titled “Smoke on This!”
• “Taking the Physical Challenge: The Parallels of Jesus Christ and Game Show Host Mark Summers”
• “Bang the Bubble Softly: The Evolution of Trouble (and other Milton Bradley Games)”

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  1. November 2, 2009 8:44 pm

    Oh, man. Those documentary ideas are priceless!

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