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1. Velvet Nuthatch

November 1, 2009

When I was a kid, my tendency for characters was to create fan characters as equal romantic partners to other characters. I’d doodle them in a notebook in pencil then ink in ballpoint pen. I figured my first 30/30 was behooved to revive that old trend.

Velvet Nuthatch is a fan character, inspired by the Music Meister from Batman The Brave and the Bold “Mayhem of the Music Meister” (If you’re lucky you might be able to find the ep on YouTube still).  And she’s probably the first time I’ve done the romantic-partner thing for a villain I fangirled.

She’s immune to his hypnotic music, but has a bit of musical meta talent herself, which she discovered thanks to MM’s criminal rampage. Up until then, she was just a chorus girl who wanted to be the big time but who didn’t sing with enough projection. To support her mediocre music career, she worked as a waitress. She was on her way to work when the Meister Segwayed by singing “He Drives Us Bats”.  She was the only one not hypnotized by his song, but fascinated by his talents and his ability to project. It was love at first sight. But she didn’t overcome her shyness quickly enough, and watched as he fell for Black Canary, then was rejected by her.

By the time The Meister sang “The World Is Mine!” she’d rushed home and rummaged through her costumes and come up with an outfit of her own. Still shy, though, she prefers to be a sidekick/partner. Which means she’ll have to break the Meister out of jail so they can make sweet music together.

She can sing in multiple voices so as to give MM proper backup, along with the subharmonics allowing her to do solid sound constructs.

She hates Black Canary for breaking his heart. In keeping with TB &TB thematics, she’s got a punny real name: Harmony Starling.

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