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Who Are We? – Daniel Govar (saulone)

October 30, 2009

I create the webcomic Azure on Zuda Comics and do concept art and book illustration work when I’m not working on comics or my day job: creative director at a media firm outside of Washington D.C.

Yes – I work a lot and don’t sleep much.

I’m probably more well known for the Tolkien work I’ve done over the years – creating and illustrating the website

What else…I Livestream often, (streaming my desktop as I draw digitally and chatting via webcam/mic as folks type in a chat feed). You can catch that here and see past streams. DISCLAIMER: I swear at my dog from time to time on it, so you’ve been warned. He’s a Boxer puppy and loves…well doing what he shouldn’t be doing.

I also have a deviant site and my own personal site.

Anything else, google me and/or drop me a line at one or all of the other links!

Why am I doing the 30 Characters in 30 days challenge? I love challenges! I plan to do some character concepts for upcoming pages of Azure as well as a few other guys/girls that have been swirling around my mellon for a while.

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