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Who Are We? – Rob Stenzinger

October 29, 2009
Hey!  I am Rob Stenzinger the comic creator and artist for Art Geek Zoo.  I live in Minneapolis and work independently as a User Interface / User Experience designer and Flash programmer.

When I’m not doing UI/UX or working on my comic, in those late night/early morning hours, I can usually be found playing guitar or video games. From a very young age my passion and emotion has best been expressed through drawing and music.  Hence Art Geek Zoo: a comic about a talented penguin and his mystical guitar friend.

Tyler James’ 30 Characters in 30 Days challenge sounded like a wild stunt to me at first – something fun to watch but might be rough to go through first-hand. Then I realized – it’s a great goal and learning exercise that fits perfect with this year. 2009 has been year full of webcomic learning adventures for me, why not one more?

Thanks for setting this up, Tyler, I’m exited to see what characters show up in the blog!

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