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Who Are We? – Ken Drab

October 29, 2009
100% Mediocrity Guaranteed - a web comic without promise

An Extraordinary Stickman Living in an Ordinary Cartoon World

Ken Drab is many things depending on who you ask, but professionally, he is a web designer and aspiring cartoonist.

Ken promises nothing but mediocrity as the creator of the web’s best average comic strip Rick the Stick. Rick is an Extraordinary Stickman living in an Ordinary Cartoon world. Ken also has started Killer Plankton a comic about the bottom of the food chain eating their way up. Ken also has a website that features computer desktop wallpaper for sports teams Ken seems like a great guy, but once you get to know him – sheesh!

Ken lives in sunny Tampa, Florida with his wife, young son and two dogs. While that information may not be important, it does explain the smile on his face. Ken met 30/30 mastermind Tyler James at the 2009 Baltimore Comic Con (while sharing a table with Art Geek Zoo’s Rob Stenzinger) and initially rebuffed the challenge – before realizing he needed the challenge more than the challenge needed him, he signed on. Ken’s characters promise to look a lot alike – which even in his own mind – is disappointing. Ken does look forward to making fun of the other artists artwork to cover up his own insecurity and inadequacies. Okay, so that won’t happen – but the insecurity and inadequacies are real! Ken also promises to talk in third person when commenting on this site. Ken is REALLY excited about that.

I can’t believe you’re still reading this! Go see some of these artist’s amazing artwork already! Skip mine – errrr…Ken’s please. 🙂

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  1. November 1, 2009 9:27 pm

    I love your catch phrase. My kind of humour.

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