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Who Are We? – Janine Frederick

October 29, 2009

Who am I?  Wow… that’s a loaded question.  I’m still trying to figure that out myself!

OK, here goes nothing…

Hi!  I’m Janine Frederick.   My husband is an aspiring comic artist.  I’m a complete spaz.  

NOTE:  Some psycho-stalker idiot started posting my personal info (like, where i work and how to find me) where it didn’t belong.   So, I’ve had to remove a few details about myself from this post.

When I was younger, I used to write…  A LOT.  It was my escape.  I never thought of doing anything with it until now, because for some reason, I never realized that I could.

I don’t have any published web comics – I’ve never been published anywhere.  What I do have is a passion for creativity and an overactive imagination… oh, and Adult ADD.

 I decided to try the 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge for the very reason that it is a challenge.  I’ve never done anything like this before and I would like to see if my writing will improve because of it… call it practice?

So – since I am an aspiring writer and my husband is an aspiring artist, chances are that any characters I submit descriptions and profiles for will include a sketch, drawn by him.  (I can’t draw.  Bad things happen when i try to draw.  Small children cry and entire civilizations are lost when I try to draw.)

Woohoo!   This is going to be FUN!

PS – Follow me on twitter:  J9Naimoli

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